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The rules are simple to teach, turns are fast, and everything looks great. The game even includes a small expansion module in the box for slightly more complex play. A new game from designer Uwe Rosenberg , this one has about as much to do with Robin Hood as I have to do with the Sheriff of Nottingham. But what it does have is easy-to-teach gameplay in which your horse meeple moves around like a chess knight, snagging bits of loot. You collect this loot in order to satisfy a long series of conditions placed randomly around the edges of the play area—and you can move as far on a single turn as your loot allows. It’s set collection meets racing, and though we enjoyed our initial play of it, I’ll need a few more games to see how well it holds up.

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To outsiders, this churn of wood, brick, sheep, ore, and wheat always makes Eurogames seem overly complicated. Which makes for gentler competition, fewer arguments, and less in the way of intra-spousal recrimination. In Eurogames, by contrast, such naked metaphors for capitalism and predation are outré. The Spanish-themed El Grande, for instance, does not permit players to attack their opponents directly. Rather, players maneuver Scary Games their caballeros around a map of medieval Spain in a bid to win the favor of local courtiers.

And if your experience with sibling play always ends badly, try some of the fantastic cooperative games on our list where they can work as a team instead. ”s with The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel – a delightful game where you aim to be the first to fill your log with acorns. There’s no reading required , and kids picked up the game play very quickly. And just to be upfront, this isn’t a list filled with games you already have in your game closet.

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There’s no Candy Land, Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders or Memory amongst our top picks. A fast-paced word game you can play anywhere with a hard surface. Go up against your partner, or compete with your family of eight. If The Queen’s Gambit has taught us anything, it’s that a game of chess can be incredibly intense, and you can play for hours without noticing time go by.

There are many different strategies and styles of play, so if Beth Harmon’s Sicilian Defense feels over your head, don’t fret—there are thousands of other tactics you can learn to checkmate your opponent. A terrific tile-layer, this Michael Kiesling design has been criminally overlooked. No dungeon crawls here, D&D lovers—this is a game about building a European formal garden while moving your nobles down the garden path so they can smell the roses .

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Yes, there’s lots of potty humor here, and some innuendos for the adults, but even your hard-to-please tween will be caught laughing. The cards are colorful and beautifully rendered, with informative factoids scrawled on each. The sound of dice rolling through the game’s special birdhouse dispenser is a treat for the ears. We love, love, love this game, and luckily, our kid testers did too, who were more than happy to keep playing round after round with us. Each player takes turns placing one of their pieces on the board, trying to block their opponent from claiming the most territory. When there are no moves left, the player who has the least number of pieces is the victor. These cooperative games are incredibly engaging and will entertain your kids (and yourself if you so choose!) until the sun comes out.

Players don’t beat their opponents so much as thwart them. The same is invariably true in rail-themed Eurogames such as Ticket To Ride, in which players rush to claim choice routes. The action is always passive-aggressive—never just aggressive. Chances are, you’re already familiar with the Game of Life, and this playful twist featuring the tag line "life isn’t fair, but it can be funny" takes inspiration from the hit Amazon Prime show. Try to find fame and fortune against a backdrop of 1950s New York City. Will you vacation in the Catskills or wind up in a dumpy apartment?

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As far as the timeless detective game goes, it seemed appropriate to serve up a little somethin’ more pop culture-y for the parents. In this case, a valuable object has been stolen (hooray, no one was murdered!) and Mr. Carson needs your help to solve the mystery. Move around the board as your favorite character from the PBS hit — dibs on Dowager Countess! — while you repeatedly utter "whodunit" in your best British accent and your 14 year old serves up her best Lady Mary-esque eye-roll. Sure, there are less pricey options available, but a timeless, generation-spanning game like Scrabble is practically a family H-E-I-R-L-O-O-M and well worth a splurge. Lift off the top and you’ll find storage compartments for all of your components. This fill-in-the-blank game, a riff on the popular Cards Against Humanity (definitely not for the kids!), will have the whole family laughing at the silly answers.