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The Bigger Education System (HEP) at the Harvard Graduate School of Schooling will make one to accept leadership functions within National universites and colleges, with the non-profit corporations and government businesses that shape nationwide higher education policy. Rather than prepare you for a position that is solitary admissions, progress etc. a thorough curriculum that will serve you in most facet of ed supervision that is higher is offered by us, policymaking, and research.

Faculty Director Judith McLaughlin on HEP:

Concept in the Director

Welcome to Harvardr’s Degree Software. We are an intellectually lively group of alumni and students who share a common fascination with enhancing the chances and guaranteeing the successful potential of universities and colleges.

You’ll experience an intellectually powerful and professionally invigorating year, should you join us below on Appian Way. Your lessons will give you the data and capabilities needed for your growth through many placements throughout your vocation in higher education. The viewpoint and corner-practical character of the program prepares one to become successful at moving the intricate world of higher education also to work wonderfully to address the diverse challenges facing degree nowadays. You may even elect to complement your training with custom-designed internships that offer professional development in an continuous or new area of attention. There’s probably no regional area with higher-education connected corporations than Ma and greater Cambridge and enjoyable higher and an increase of assorted education companies.

But students at HGSE are not just understanding tough’ they are also engaging using their classmates who hail from wide-ranging skills and have interests that are equally diversified in wonderfully stirring conversations. Some learners have worked in greater education formerly, in entry and middle-administration administrative or university rolesome are interested to make a lifetime career move into higher education’ as well as a select several come immediately from undergraduate studies where they certainly were very accomplished individuals and student leaders. All have confirmed the potential to be outstanding pros who may be collaborative enthusiasts assisting change and creativity and are able to suppose management opportunities in several various regions of degree.

And then you can find our alumni, throughout the U.S. and the world, who enjoy attaching with present pupils and remain in contact. We so are proud of r our alumni and have consciously nurtured a Harvard higher-education household’s triumphs that were professional that were substantial and by the several methods they get in touch with help each other.

Please take advantage of the countless strategies to find out about us, if of this appears desirable. Arrived at Admissions activities inside our electronic data periods should your’ or your geographic area mdash or at Harvard’re incapable of join us in-person. Attend courses if you’re visiting with Cambridge. And reach out through alumni ambassadors mdash and the office to the student’ who are our very-best commercials for that program!

Judith Block McLaughlin
Method Manager, Higher Education Plan
Senior Lecturer

HEP can be an one-year, fulltime graspr’s plan that’ll prepare you to make a beneficial affect National higher-education as an administrator. The following are what our learners contemplate several of the best benefits of this system:

President-in-Dwelling every-year, we request a distinguished former university or college president to wait sessions alongside HEP individuals also to point academic discussions with real world experience. Beyond class, the Leader-in-House eats lunch with learners, satisfies one-onone during hours, and recommends students on crucial educational and job choices.

Cohort Household By signing up for HEP, you join an extraordinary cohort of students with pursuits ranging from higher money, cost and access, to enhancing student existence and academic learning. In classes, in research teams, and over coffee in the HGSE Commons learners animatedly debate the advantages and disadvantages along with the possibilities of alternative pedagogies and MOOCs of a national record card on degree. Your HEP classmates’ diverse activities and viewpoints will enhance your HGSE experience, and past school that is long will be endured by their friendships.

Used Expertise The HEP curriculum is grounded while in the real-world policies and techniques of National universities and colleges. Projects and training heart around handson involvement using the issues case-studies, role-playing debates, not academic discussions. You’ll graduate with the intimate comprehension of how higher-education works and just how you can be profitable in leading and navigating change.

Harvard and Boston Internships nearly all HEP students participate in a compensated internship, often on-college at Harvard or at faculties, schools, and non-profits throughout the Boston/Cambridge region. Interns receive important obligations and certainly will earn credit through a HEP course that was affiliated.

Alumni Community HEP alumni share a love for improving degree and create an ongoing link with HGSE. We re thrilled that our graduates remain in effect and sometimes visit with campus to speak to present students. This prolonged HEP household types a solid and encouraging skilled network for locating fellowships and the finest jobs after university.

The program is not unstructured to supply a powerful groundwork in in governance higher-education management, and policy coverage, while giving the versatility to jump deeply into distinct regions of interest to you.


You will complete eight classes (32 credits) inside the following groups:

  • Three degree core lessons
    • A- Proseminar in Degree Provided solely to HEP pupils, this course presents students for the key values, workers, and processes of degree’ the vital challenges facing universites and colleges’ for treating these concerns and the techniques and administration capabilities. The proseminar is also attended from the Leader -in-Home.
    • A-412 American Higher Education’s Real History this program offers an overview of the development of American advanced schooling from your colonial time to the current, giving an understanding of the foundation of problems and modern methods to pupils.
    • A- 710P The Economics of Degree: Accessibility, Effects, and Opposition No introduction to American education is total without a comprehensive study of how benefit, expense, and price affect the way greater education establishments do business and that has access to college.
  • As well as the three courses that are needed, learners in the Higher Education Method must consider three extra education training – linked courses. Individuals might pick from the listing of acknowledged classes below or request for authorization from their faculty consultant to take other classes whose subject matter relates to advanced schooling to meet this requirement.
  • Two electives from HGSE or Harvard graduate schools that are additional.

Select from these HGSE lessons


You actually attend Harvard University all when you attend HGSE. Speak to your consultants about enrolling through cross-registration in classes in the Kennedy School. Harvard Business School. And Harvard School that complement your educational or professional passions. All approved electives count.

HEP Internships

A compensated internship at Harvard or in the Boston region that is larger can also qualify together of the degree related programs. To earn credit for an internship, you should join the connected HEP internship class coached by system director McLaughlin. Preferred internship sites contain:

Faculty is drawn by HEP from across HGSE, the Harvard Kennedy School. And also the Harvard Faculty who’re dedicated to exercise that is effective and the cautious study of higher education. University grant and knowledge ranges management and degree management, education program that is higher, university access and cost. Similarly crucial, HEP school members are positively involved inside the morning-today work of higher education. They recommend condition and national policymakers, assist on forums of trustees, consult college and school leaders, and educate government training plans.

In 2001, the Higher Education Program released the president-in- talk with learners over meal or espresso, system, getting a former university or college leader to go to sessions, and guide on everything from report subjects to career alternatives.

For the Higher Education Program at Harvard, we are thrilled to mention that Barry Mills is going to join people -in-property for the year. Generators served from 2001-2015 while the Leader of Bowdoin College.

Past presidents-in-house contain:

  • Fr. Dennis H. Holtschneider, leader of DePaul School
  • Lawrence Bacow, president emeritus of Tufts College
  • Rob Oden, former leader of Carleton University and Kenyon College
  • Diana Chapman Walsh, president emerita of Wellesley School
  • Ellen Chaffee, former president of Valley Area State College and Mayville State University
  • Mary Tritton, former president of Haverford School
  • Norman Fainstein, president emeritus of Connecticut Faculty
  • Richard Freeland, former leader of Northeastern University
  • Tad Foote, former chancellor and president of the University of Ohio’
  • John DiBiaggio, former president of the University of Ct, Michigan State College and Tufts University’
  • Adrian Tinsley, president emerita of Bridgewater State University’
  • Bernie Harleston, former leader of the City College of New York’ and
  • Marjorie Bakken emerita of Wheelock Faculty.

Many HEP individuals arrive with skilled expertise in advanced schooling as admissions experts, improvement authorities, resident experts, and college at universites and colleges around the world. Others are new-to higher education, working formerly as much more, organization experts, plan experts, and senior school instructors. There come a few HEP learners straight from undergraduate studies where they were extremely accomplished student leaders. By examining a sample of abstracts of student documents in the Proseminar in Advanced Schooling find out more about the diversified interests of HEP learners.

HEP alumni are working as university leaders at universities and colleges nationwide, making stronger corporations and impacting the lives of students. Current students provide as directors and associate owners of proper planning , selection and modern affairs, student life, admissions, and career solutions. They work in non-profit corporations and government companies as plan scientists and specialists. Additionally they work through school ability and economic planning attempts with kids and households.

Where Alumni Function

Visit HGSE admissions to learn more about application specifications and to get important info about educational funding. Purposes are not undue in Jan of the educational year you intend to sign up.

When you need to learn more about the Bigger Education System or have inquiries concerning the admissions process, please contact our admissions liaison Daphne Brickey-Nguyen at asksarah@ 617-495-3414 or If you have unique concerns about plan specifications please contact method administrator Bloom at abbie_bloom or 617-496-4816.

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