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School Formulating Programs

Abbreviations of journal titles must abide by these detailed in the Index Medicus . Duty for the correctness of the references lies with the authors. After manuscript revisions, authors must double-examine that all in-text citations are in the reference listing and that all references on the reference list have at least a single corresponding in-text citation.

Failure to do so will result in manufacturing and publication delays. You should make confident that the references are double-spaced, and no bullets, numbers, or other listing formats are employed. Legends. Manuscripts that contain figures, tables, multimedia, and/or extended information will have to contain legends as aspect of the primary manuscript textual content.

Each file ought to have a different legend and be numbered independently. The text citations of figures, tables, multimedia, and prolonged facts need to be in numerical purchase, in part to support in putting the illustrations in the proper posture on the PDF webpage. Style. Equations and Symbols. To lower typographical problems in composing equations, manuscripts with several mathematical figures and equations should be well prepared working with MathType version six.

or higher. Manuscripts with a minimal total of math may perhaps be geared up applying phrase-processing applications this kind of as Word’s Equation Editor or with features these types of as bold, italic, tremendous- and subscript together with symbols and Greek fonts. Do not use the Wingdings or Webdings fonts. Abbreviations and Models.

Standard abbreviations [PDF] do not have to have to be defined. For other abbreviations appearing two or additional times, spell out the time period at initial event and introduce the abbreviation by putting it in parentheses after the phrase. SI models need to be made use of with no definition. Temperature really should be expressed in levels Celsius.

Multimedia and 3D Products. Multimedia and 3D models will be recognized only when they are desired to display screen conclusions that are important to defend the content conclusions and not be presented adequately in the textual content, a table, or a determine. The editors will review all multimedia and 3D designs to establish no matter whether they are necessary. It is not likely that extra than one or two multimedia data files that illustrate agent illustrations will be regarded as justified.