That you get immediate help!


I lie all the time I can’t help it if you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, in danger of hurting yourself or others, feeling suicidal, overwhelmed, or in crisis, it’s very important

Kent D.

My mom in law is really a liar that is pathological. She claims to be allergic to a wide range of things whenever her doctor that is own told she’s got no allergies whatsoever. She claims she was at a Nazi concentration camp toward the final end of World War II that I don’t think to be real as she wasn’t Jewish and her moms and dads would not fit the profile or narrative of these who had been imprisoned. She claims she took ballet classes for a long time as a young child also though she had been a refugee raised by just one mom whoever spouse left her for beverage. She had to the office 3 jobs to fund a space in a boarding home therefore I believe it is difficult to think there is any disposable income leftover for party classes. We don’t confront her because clearly she’s a mental disease. She lies to produce herself feel more interesting or even to feel unique and/or to get attention. I suspect she had been a really lonely and unfortunate kid growing up. Her dad had been a drunken bum, her mom ended up being busy working and fobbed her down to virtually any European buddy whom could care for her. I simply reckon she had a childhood that is unhappy of love and attention. Therefore, she lies to create a typical sad life appear more intriguing and triumphant. Possibly one day I’ll confront her I probably won’t about it, but.

It is perhaps maybe not not likely that this woman is delusions that are actually experiencing that are quite severe. These kind of delusions wouldn’t always be uncommon. If even though her medical practitioner says “no” she nevertheless will continue to say that. It’s quite probably she believes it even though it’s not the case, therefore the benefit of the Nazi focus Camp, could be a delusion.


Dating a chronic liar.


I dated a liar that is chronic he had been Bipolar. He sought out digging finding something to get against me personally he started making up stuff…these people are toxic and you need to get rid of them against me and when he couldn’t find anything to use. They shall break your heart make you high and dry, exactly like my ex did me. Simply avoid individuals similar to this, they truly are toxic and are also absolutely absolutely nothing but difficulty.

My ex bf said he had phase 4 cancer tumors, He won a 2 million buck settlement and desired to marry me. Meanwhile he discovered some Sugar that is hideous Mommy had been the main one buying all their s***, i do believe “S$$$ ag ag e ( maybe maybe maybe not her genuine name) purchased me my lovely Christmas time gifts. “Hey thanks” he had been a liar and cheater.


I have actually recently split up with my partner, who had been a liar that is pathological. We had been youth sweethearts in which he had been a liar in those days. Nonetheless, he had been in a abusive relationship (unless that had been a lie, unsure) and throughout our relationship (lasted 6 years) he’s accused me personally of experiencing affairs with males We have never ever also came across. Frequently making love with numerous males at once. Sex in every space inside the father’s large household. Having team intercourse in a van outside my mother’s household. Bringing my deceased dad to the lie by stating that my dad warned him that we liked big males and therefore if he had been ended up beingn’t well endowed he should keep. My dad didn’t speak about intercourse in cases where a intercourse scene arrived in the television he’d go out of this space (my dad was raped in the chronilogical age of 15 within The Royal Navy). We have since found out that my partner was in fact mistreated at the chronilogical age of 8 by way of buddy for the household who had been no more than 15 himself and therefore their sister accustomed just simply take him to their abuser. In their wedding, ahead of fulfilling me personally once more after two decades, he had been intimately mistreated by their sister-in-law and evidently their spouse had slept with half the town. I’ve a top ethical compass, I hate lies and I also lack affairs or accept of these. Their tales are dreams plus they keep changing every time he informs them. They hurt a great deal and also have seriously impacted my self confidence and esteem. I had to have my eyes to the ground at all times so as not to engage anybody, especially a man when we went out. It had been completely demoralising and has now done damage that is untold my psychological state. He would get aggressive and upset great deal of times. It could get free from control as he had been stressed the lies just come flying all hurtful and constantly intimately explicit without any proof to backup any such thing he said. We just recently had the courage getting out of this relationship. I were able to get him to speak with the authorities concerning the punishment, that has partially made things even even even worse. I’ve convinced him to speak with a Dr in regards to the punishment. I’ve a qualification in Psychology and I also have actually told him that I think he could be a psychopathic liar attributable to their punishment as son or daughter then worsened by their abuse at his sister-in-laws hands but needless to say he does not trust me.


That is just why you move ahead. We lived via a two nightmare similar to that and got the hell out year. My guess is that be is performing just exactly what he’s accusing you of therefore don’t waste your time. I’ve ever since then, discovered a guy who’s stable and therefore nice it is amazing. Often i need to why we stuck it such a long time, stop wasting your years and get with somebody who enables you to delighted.

D Thorn

thanks you really assist me personally


There is an approach to learn why individuals are lying and dont understand why. Might be you can look at pastlife hypnotherapy. There are many corelation of final life and recent life. Its love unfinshed business in the last. Or there have been a youth experiences that subconsiously imprinted causing unconsiously lying. Its requirements hypnotherapies to re adjust the pastlife (they called it pastlife regression technique) therefore subconsiously they’ll be gone back to real world

Robert L

I want assistance with my pathological lying.


I lie about every thing my young ones buddies mom enthusiasts jobs. Every Thing. And I have done it for decades.