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You can add Bluetooth to your PC easily in Windows 10. Since this latest operating system comes with some of the best technologies in Bluetooth communication, it automatically recognizes your new Bluetooth adapter. It also means you don’t have to worry about any installation steps. You can add Bluetooth to a PC at a low price by purchasing a USB Bluetooth adapter. As its name suggests, this adapter uses a computer USB port to add a small dongle with Bluetooth capabilities. As noted above, some of the large brands in the PC industry don’t make any USB adapters. You need to juggle between brands you haven’t heard of with brands that have very low customer trust based on poor reviews just to find a Bluetooth adapter that works.

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Most Bluetooth adapters listed above have a range between 10 and 20 meters. Bluetooth 5.0 adapters are normally those with the best range compared to Bluetooth 4.0 adapters. This is not interfering with the 2.4Ghz of the router’s frequency.

One can be used for the keyboard while a second port can be used for the PC mouse. You might even have USB microphones or speakers connected to your PC. This is the main reason you need to consider the free ports you can count on for proper usability. All the best affordable USB Bluetooth Adapters come with Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0 technology. Users note all of them are similar and they can be very little between them. Furthermore, since most are made by smaller companies that you probably haven’t heard of before, the choice is even more confusing. The following section tries to separate a few of the basic USB Bluetooth adapter features so that you can choose your own.

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Your PC supports Bluetooth if there’s a USB port you can use. If you own an old PC without a USB port, there’s no method of adding Bluetooth to it.

  • The installer will create the correct partition structure and install Windows.
  • Delete all UEFI partitions on your system drive so that all the space shows as ‘unallocated space’.
  • Then download the latest version of Windows 10 by using the Media Creation Tool to make a bootable USB stick containing the latest Windows version.
  • Boot that USB stick, click the big Install button and then choose Custom Install.
  • Click that unallocated space to highlight it and click the Next button.

Many of them fail even before being used for the first time. The design of these best affordable USB Bluetooth adapters is simplistic. Since most are made by small companies, there’s no considerable investment in how they look. You will even struggle to find a USB Bluetooth adapter that’s not black or white if you want to match all of your PC accessories with your computer. Most best affordable USB Bluetooth adapters are based on Bluetooth version 4.0. You will notice they can work with smartphones and tablets flawlessly. However, most of them show limitations when it comes to compatibility with previous Bluetooth generation gadgets and PC accessories.

Due to the small form factor, it’s very easy to lose a Bluetooth adapter. Most users end up losing these adapters when they’re used on laptops when they end up taking them outside of the home. Given their small value, this might not Intel Card readers Driver be the biggest cause of concern when purchasing a USB Bluetooth adapter. If you use the adapter at the office, you can simply unplug it and plug it to a new computer as often as needed.

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You will notice most USB adapters come in a small form factor. These are often called nano adapters due to their reduced size. Some come with a square design while others feature rounded edges and built-in LED lights. These choices are still somewhat similar as they can look different but you won’t easily tell the difference due to their small form factor. You ensure PC compatibility by looking at the number of USB ports on your motherboard that are free to use. All motherboards come with USB ports but not all of them are free for you to use.