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Also, the bubble tea market is set to roughly double in the next 7 years. Therefore, franchisees have a great opportunity to get on the bandwagon before the marketplace becomes saturated. In 2009, the founders Michael, Allen, and Ray got back from Taiwan and drank bubble tea in Queens.

Strain the pearls and run them under cold water to stop the cooking process and remove the starchy outer layer. Sprinkle tapioca starch onto a clean surface and transfer your dough. Sprinkle more tapioca starch on top of the dough and carefully knead until it’s smooth and you get a less sticky texture.

If You Drink Bubble Tea Every Day, You Could Get Constipated

There are several ways a bubble tea shop or restaurant can win over loyal customers, but it’s up to you as the store owner to evaluate which method best suits your shop’s needs. a business plan for your bubble tea shop, the information may already be laid out in front of you. Based on your store’s location, you can mold your brand to fit the area’s age, gender, education level, and general lifestyle behaviors.

Customers can further customize their drinks by choosing from Umi’s wide selection of toppings like sea salt cheese cream, honey boa, matcha boba, red bean, lychee jelly, and many more. For the lactose-intolerant drinkers, Umi offers fresh milk drinks substituted with oat milk for fifty cents extra. When it comes to savory snacks, Umi serves popcorn chicken with house sweet chili sauce, shrimp katsu, and potato croquette with corn that all range from $4.75 to $7.00. People who want to lose weight usually prefer drinking matcha tea. The reason behind this choice is that the drink has a fat-burning effect, improving digestion. These people do not prefer drinking their reduced sugar matcha bubble tea with desserts.

The Battle Of The Bubble Teas

It may get a little tiring stirring so much, but it’s worth it! This should give you a thick and sticky consistency of dough. While working with this recipe, I dealt with timing and texture issues with my dough. With my dough going from being too sticky and wet to being too dry. After several rounds of testing, I finally found a recipe that works. I’ve also listed some tips below to help you get chewy and sweet boba.

  • You will then combine your tea of choice with some coconut milk or coconut cream, ice, sugar syrup, and any flavorings you would like with this tropical beverage.
  • Contrary to popular beliefs, bubble tea will not magically appear at your doorstep on a weekly, or monthly basis.
  • A refractometer, which measures sweetness in drinks and food, is used to assess the sweetness of each drink to match the customer’s specifications.
  • Not only is every corner of the shop Instagram worthy but so are the drinks.
  • These delicious fruit or tea infusions can be served either piping hot or iced cold, making a delicious and ever-so-quirky drink and snack.
  • Such food pairing with the beverage keeps drinkers refreshed and energized.

Here’s how much it’ll cost you to own your own bubble tea franchise. I’d say that these vouchers are great for those who frequent Gongcha, LiHO, iTEA or Woobbee often, and would regularly spend on bubble tea anyway. However, getting the vouchers subsequently will essentially only save you $3for your next 4-5 cups of bubble tea.