How To: Best Secrets Toppr App For Android Devices You May Not Know Exist | 2021.

Students can also discuss any doubt with the tutor over chat if it is still unclear. Kunduz app is user friendly and very easy to use and affordable. In Kunduz, students can ask the questions on Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. Free trial questions are also there to know the working of the app.

  • These efforts have been conducive in achieving their north-start metric of engagement per day.
  • Once Toppr realized a pool of opportunities that exist in the business, they shifted their focus towards students of both junior and senior Toppr classes beginning from class 5 to class 12.
  • By using Toppr, students can attempt all India levels mock tests, they can even generate one on their own and challenge their friends.
  • The Principal of the school Mrs. Ruth Thomas was also presented an Award of Appreciation.
  • A lecture of a MIT professor teaching the laws of motion is no longer exclusive to a select group of students at the campus.

You can rely on previous year question papers and mock tests to enhance the preparation. Our video lectures cover all topics & chapters comprehensively. The students will get one full length question paper for JEE Main and NEET exams daily.

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BYJU’S and Toppr are supported on multiple devices like tablets, mobile phones, and PCs. BYJU’S has an advantage here by providing an option of pre-loaded content on their tablets. In other words, BYJU’S programs can be accessed without the internet making them truly accessible from anywhere and anytime. For parents who are worried about tech being a distraction, BYJU’S has installed filtering software on their tablets. It prevents kids from using the tablet for non‑academic purposes. If your child is studying in the lower grades , BYJU’S is the platform to choose.

BYJU’S competitors offer a stream of courses one after another, BYJU’S allows students to browse through the material and choose the chapters of their choice. The students can search through the library based on keywords or genres to pick one of their choices. BYJU’S competitors, the program does not blindly stick to the curriculum. The program enables the students to better understand the concepts with shortcuts, mnemonic, unique mathematical concepts, and out-of-syllabus problem-solving skills. The platform also offers adaptive exercises, practice sheets, and other tests for each chapter. The students can undertake those adaptive exercises to understand the concept.

Toppr To Raise $50 Mn In Series D To Expand, Launch Two Products

For conceptual based questions and the diagrams of Biology, the aspirants need to rely on NCERT books. Biology NEET InspectionPratyaksh Web Services Private Limited4.7 out of starsThe aspirants can get extensive diagrams and flowcharts from this online app. Hence, the comprehensive overview of the topics will be cleared. Aspirants will get the flexibility to solve their doubts with the help of a 24/7 support network. In addition, they can participate in interactive videos and study groups. AppDeveloperRatingFeaturesToppr-Learning app forToppr4.4 out of 5 starsThis is the powerful personalized learning app, with which the aspirants can set their learning goals.