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You’ve seen the experts on Pawn Stars and during your tour, you’ll visit some of the expert’s shops. You’ll pop into Ultimate Sports Cards & Memorabilia, home to expert Jeremy Brown. As the name suggests, this store carries a wide variety of sports cards and related collectibles like autographed jerseys and baseballs. It’s fun to stop by Gold & Silver Pawn, and the lines haven’t been nearly as long during the pandemic, so there’s never been a better time to visit. Also, perhaps not surprisingly, the cast doesn’t just know all that history.

You can take a pawnshop loan against any valuable, as long as the pawn broker is interested. It could be an iPad, a desktop computer, a gold watch, or a bicycle. The loan amount is usually a fraction of the actual value of the item. Although you could easily sell the item outright and get more money, pawnbrokers are more interested in loans because they are more profitable. The spokesman for the National Pawnbrokers Association Emmett Murphy says that most pawnshops are perfectly clean, well-lit and legitimate places run by genuine people who have been providing excellent service for years. Back in the olden days, there were money lenders, who lent you quick cash for an interest.

Richard Harrison Will Be Remembered In Season 14

He spent weeks confined to his bed and the only television in his home was downstairs, so he began reading history books to keep entertained. Cast members always explain the historical significance of the antiques brought into the shop. The show, which will air all new episodes beginning on Thursday, has changed over the years as well. It’s just the production company did not want her working there anymore. What she does in her personal life…is her business,” he explained. Unlike many reality show families, the Harrisons , of “Pawn Stars,” aren’t exactly tabloid magnets.

  • According to the Las Vegas-Review Journal, Chum and his brother Sage run the shop.
  • Their son, Brettly is both a picker and salesman, daughter, Ally is the office manager and Tyler runs the shop.
  • Before Tsagrinos appeared on Pawn Stars, his love of cars played out on the Bill Goldberg-hosted reality TV show known as Bullrun, where he and his brother George successfully auditioned to appear during the second season.
  • It could be an iPad, a desktop computer, a gold watch, or a bicycle.
  • In May of 2016, however, police raided his house in search of evidence related to sexual assault allegations.
  • However, when Vic Flick showed up with his guitar, no one knew who he was, outside of the guitar expert himself.

The nickname was based on his resemblance to the cartoon walrus. As Corey’s childhood buddy, he had a gift for making Corey and his family laugh. When the Harrisons were hunting for a non-family cast member, their thoughts naturally turned to click through to this article Chumlee, who was already working at the pawn shop.

Welcome To Pawn Stars: The Game

Another Pawn Stars expert who’s not exactly strapped for cash is Danny « Count » Koker, who reportedly has an estimated net worth of $13 million . Well, he’s led multiple business ventures, including Count’s Vamp’d rock bar and Count’s Tattoo Co., according to theLas Vegas Review-Journal. Oh, and Koker was also lucky enough to get his own History Channel spin-off series,Counting Cars.