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Driver alerts, such as speed camera detection and Forward Collision Warning are available, utilising a loud beep when it detects something is amiss, but we found they became extremely irritating after a few miles. Luckily they can be disabled via the options menu but we wouldn’t recommend doing this while driving, as it’s very distracting. This camera does everything that you could want of a dashcam but lacks some of the other features found on more expensive models. There is time and date stamping but it isn’t GPS enabled, so you’ll have to remember where an incident occurred, rather than relying on tech. There’s also a lane departure warning that will sound if the car drifts into another lane and a Parking Mode, which uses motion detection to activate and record from a parked car when no driver is present.

It does automatically stamp footage with a time and date to aid insurance claims but you have to input this manually upon initial set up. The WiFi element of the Kaiser Baas R30 is a necessity, rather than a useful feature for those wishing to share footage online, which does take some of the fun out of it. Having said that, sharing of footage is extremely easy, with the ability to link your phone to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as two social networks clearly aimed at the Asian markets, Youku and Sina Weibo. Video and sound quality are superb, plus it’s very easy to use and retrieving footage is as simple as plugging it into a computer via the provided USB cable. It loses points for the semi-permanent window mount, fiddly buttons and hypersensitive driver warning systems. GPS location, time, date and speed stamping are all automatically applied to each video clip, making it easy to pinpoint exactly where and when an incident took place. Incident Detection via G-Sensor technology means clips are automatically locked and stored should it detect sudden braking or a collision.

  • The researchers quickly discovered the presence of third-party update tools, which obviously raised concerns at the potential security risk posed to the end-user.
  • They also discovered that some vendors had multiple software updaters for different purposes and different implementations; some more secure than others.
  • If you experience any issues unzipping the downloaded file using the default Archive Utility we recommend installing The Unarchiver and unzipping the file using that instead.
  • Furthermore, the found that laptop vendors often failed to make even basic use of TLS, properly validate update integrity, or verify the authenticity of update manifest contents.
  • Finally, you may consider selecting "Advanced options." Under this window, you have several options to choose from.

However, this requires constant power supply from an accessory dubbed Smartbox, which is available to buy separately. The weight of functions this camera offers is impressive, especially given the price. Not a bad camera for the price but no GPS function may be a problem for some buyers and image quality, while decent, isn’t up with the best, especially in low light. No SD card in the box and the adhesive mount may tip the balance the wrong way. Has the edge over the Dod RC500S thanks to a much better app , but installation is tricky, there’s not an obvious emergency record button and we still prefer to work with an inbuilt screen, where possible. Gets four stars as we think having a rear-facing camera is a real advantage.

Still, buyers may appreciate the trade-off in quality of footage for the benefit of having an eye fore and aft. To help, the rear view is shown on the 2.7in screen in a smaller window and in the end we did manage to find a spot that got a decent view front and rear. Importantly, it was also in a legal position on the windscreen .

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There’s also a Fatigue Index and driver alert, which produce a visual and audible warning when it is time for the driver to take a break. This is based on the time of day and time spent driving but will generally sound an alert every two hours during a journey.

However, we recommend trying before you buy to make sure the Duo HD is suitable for your particular car. Combining sat nav and dash cam is sound on paper, and Mio’s execution is laudable, with a big screen, lush menus and lots of functions. As with the other devices below, if you’re in the market for both a dash cam and a sat nav you can argue a case for this all-in-one device. However, the 65 LM’s cumbersome size, sub-Waze traffic-negotiating skills and average video quality mean the whole is less than the sum of its parts. We’ve awarded four stars to match the scores of the Garmin devices tested previously, as the Mio is as good as its rivals. It does assume, however, that you want to use the navigation for every journey… unless you’re a minicab driver, this probably isn’t the case.

Luckily, the unit guides you through this process on initial set-up. The set-up process is made easier by the sucker mounts, while the video footage is crisp, if a little distorted at the edges thanks to the ultra-wide angle lens. A lack of GPS and Wi-Fi means it’s not the most feature-packed camera in this price range. Both the sound and vision are of good quality, with nice widescreen clips covering all of the action but the night time footage does get a little distorted and it can be hard to clearly make out number plates. The Z-Edge Z3 doesn’t boast GPS or Wi-Fi compatibility, which makes downloading clips to computers and other devices easier, but it does the simple stuff well.

Eventually we found the bit in the manual about it and realised we’d installed the wrong Thinkware dash cam app (you need Thinkware Cloud F800 / F800Pro rather than Thinkware Dashcam Viewer) and all was well. The WiFi pairing button is clear enough, as are the helpful audio alerts, and the app is quick to navigate and decently laid out. As with the Dod RC500S above, this has two cameras that mount to front and rear windows via adhesive mounts. In addition, the front camera slides on and off a plate, so you can remove it from the car easily should you wish to. Having forward- and rear-facing cameras is a pretty big bonus, given that rear-end collisions are commonplace, but there are other tricks up Genesys Cameras & scanners Drivers for Windows the RC500S’s sleeve. If you’re at all tech blind or impatient, get someone else to do the installation. Also, we installed the rear camera upside down, so check the orientation before you pack everything up.

As with the Dod, the resolution for the front and rear cameras is 1080p but the quality of the footage from the rear camera is so much poorer than the front. The front camera is pretty good in this regard, featuring a Sony Exmor R CMOS lens and Starvis sensor, but it’s not quite as good as the best on the market today. We had thought that much worse was the app, which connects to the camera.

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Finally, users are encouraged to download a bespoke smartphone app if they are to get the most out of the product. A good bit of kit that covers everything from satellite navigation to driver assist functions and incident recording. Owners will pay the price for such features but if you are in the market for both a dash cam and a satnav, it’s easy to argue a case for this all-in-one device. This is particularly handy because the unit doubles-up as a satellite navigation device, so finding the perfect spot to both view the maps and capture footage out of the windscreen can be tricky.

Then you’ll need to connect to the app on your smartphone . At less than £200 the Duo HD could be seen as very good value for money when compared to other dual camera solutions.