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Nonetheless, there are times where one layer can be covering the other one. With the contour tool, reveal the blank spaces and change the colors afterwards. Add the image you want to color to Cricut Design Space. Ideal images for this technique have blank spaces.

  • Please check out this list for Download Stack Colors APK for Android a full list of qualified materials that the Cricut Maker can cut.
  • Make sure you put the iron on material shiny/colored side down.
  • It doubles your speed when working with popular materials like vinyl, iron-on, and cardstock.
  • If you have two shapes overlapping and then you select slice the program will make individual pieces wherever those designs overlap.

Because Attach creates a “folder” of layers, it doesn’t matter if some of the layers are already Grouped or Attached, or if a layer is hidden or multi-layered. Attaching always fastens shapes “down” to the bottom layer. Even though Attach doesn’t change the shapes within your individual layers, it will change the color. If your layers are different colors, the final Attach group will be the color of the bottom layer. First, it “locks” shapes and text in place on the cutting mat so you can keep the exact spacing you want.

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In this post, I’m sharing how to make cake toppers with Cricut with lots of layers to add a 3D effect to your cake toppers. I’ve included steps on how to plan a cake topper design with an example to create a mermaid cake topper. I shall also share Cricut cake topper materials and how big to make a cake topper. Weld will work on multiple layers at one time – even if the layers don’t overlap. This saves loads of time and effort when making patterns or complex cut-out designs.

Uncheck the colors you don’t want to cut right now. Only the layers that you want to cut from the current material should be checked. Really any time you are working with a design that includes multiple colors or layers, cut by color is a great option. For this DIY mermaid bag, my design was made up of six different colors – five solid color shapes and one black outline design that goes on top. Today, I wanted to do a little step by step tutorial on how to cut by color with the Silhouette, and also share another method for layering heat transfer vinyl. Last month I shared a post on how to layer heat transfer vinyl in which I used what I called the cut out method.

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You will use these marks to line up your 2nd color in the correct spot on your shirt. Open Cricut Design Space™ and choose the image you would like to screen print . In this tutorial, I am using a free SVG file from Crafting in the Rain. Now select both the shape and the design itself and click “slice”. Now when we look at the canvas preview you see everything stays exactly where we want it.

Now when I go to continue to cut the project, my design space says I am not connected to cricut, although every thing on my laptop says Bluetooth is connected. Below the 12X24 size is selected and now all the hearts fit on one mat. The next step is to click continue and then cut out my images.