Use It: Secret Functions Ghost Prank Application For Android Devices You Didn’t Know Yet (With Screenshots).

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One time I Download Ghost Prank APK for Android put both of the pizzas in one box and handed my dad the empty box. He told me to quit fucking around and to put it back. 10 minutes later my friend took a shit on top of the fake shit. In high school I mixed a bunch of food and drinks in a bottle during lunch to make it look like shit and dumped in a urinal in the boy’s bathroom. A Reddit thread asked users to reveal a prank they’ve attempted that went horribly wrong.

Compare Popular Alternative Apps

Nearby servers will offer more speed and reliability, but make it easier to figure out where you really are. Faraway servers make it tougher to track you down, but connectivity will suffer. First, install your VPN of choice from iTunes or Google Play. Like we mentioned earlier, either will do, but it’s nice to have a backup in case one lags or disconnects. Secret, anonymous messages aren’t just for the dastardly. Luckily, a little privacy isn’t difficult to get.

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Make A Fake & Funny Virus

You can make this April fools day a happening one by using technology using the best apps to prank friends. Last but not least, pay attention to your friends’ safety and well-being before planning any prank. This free app allows you to add spooky ghost stickers in your pictures to make it look like you have caught a real ghost on camera.

  • You can use it to sense the level of paranormal activities in your surrounding or any desired area.
  • Scary Horrible Teacher Video Call for Android is a horrible app specially designed to be fully-featured teacher app.
  • Furthermore, this cross-platform app lets you choose from real time voice effects like Helium balloon, Woman or Man sound.
  • It’ll cost you $30, but you’ll be able to reuse the prank on several people all day long.
  • As Buk Lau I pretended to be Rakesh’s skeptical and burnt out wife, who was totally over all of this ghost nonsense.

This is all for now, using these apps you can have fun even when at home. Try using these best prank call apps and see the fun. Do share your experiences in the comments section. This prank is perfect for Halloween but then again this doesn’t mean you cannot use it any other time.